Managing the anywhere, anytime, any device reality
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The allure of VDI, DaaS and Server virtualization is clear – but the technology itself and the path to realizing its benefits can still seem somewhat mysterious to many small and mid-market businesses. In many cases, SMBs now combine mobile and fixed devices.

With this multi-device approach, consistency and security become even more important than they were in the laptop era. Many SMBs are responding to a need to securely manage and distribute user data and applications by investigating virtual desktop (VDI) technologies enabling delivering of “desktop as a service,” or DaaS. With VDI/DaaS, businesses deploy client virtualization technologies from suppliers like Citrix and VMware to ensure that users have anywhere/any time/any device access to current information, their applications and their desktops. These technologies allow for better data security and auditability, and often offer the additional benefits of reduced CAPEX and OPEX. 

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