2021 US SMB and Midmarket Cloud Adoption Trends Survey

2021 US SMB and Midmarket Cloud Adoption Trends Survey

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Number of employees, contract workers, IT staff and physical locations
Expected revenue growth in 2021
IT staffing, developers and security specialists

Cloud trends
Cloud opportunity
Cloud outlook
Orchestration and Integration
Accelerators and Constraints
Sources of cloud benefits
Essential issues in cloud security
Core and edge security
Call to Action
Open source as an indicator of cloud comfort
As-a-service technology acquisition

Cloud adoption
Two views of the cloud
Cloud application categories in use and planned
Cloud initiatives for 2021
Current and planned use of specific public cloud services
Current and planned use of specific public cloud services
Cloud deployment models
Cloud vertical solutions and orchestration/automation adoption growth
Cloud workloads
Current and planned hyperscaler adoption
Use of Multi-cloud
Repatriation of workload
Building blocks of private, hybrid cloud
Motivations for using cloud
Barriers to accelerating cloud adoption
Top five risks of using cloud
Use of Open-source solutions
Benefits of using open source solutions
Relevance of DevOps


A total of 2096 SMBs/midmarket firms completed the survey
Respondents were IT and Business decision makers
Sampling quota was fixed by employee size categories: 1-9, 10-19, 20-49, 50-99, 100-249, 250-499, 500-999, 1000-2499 and 2500-4999
Small business is defined as 1-99 employees, Midmarket as 100-999 employees and Upper midmarket as 1000-4999 employees
Mainstream businesses = 1-4999 employee size


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