SMB 2020 Vision - Technology Future

SMB 2020 Vision - Technology Future

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  • The New SMB Imperative
  • Value Shift
  • Enablement v/s Empowerment
  • Empowerment Technologies
  • Implications for Channel Partners
  • Conclusion¬†
  • Figure 1: Virtualized Client, Server, Network
  • Figure 2: SMB Wheel of Individual Productivity Tool
  • Figure 3: SMB Wheel of Group Productivity Tool
  • Figure 4: Merging of Client, Server, Networking

Predicting the future is a tricky business which involves inherent uncertainty, in many cases it is more than we can hope to do with any accuracy. What we can do is look for patterns in the market that seem to ring true over time and extrapolate to find a direction for the future market movement. In this White Paper, we examine the irreversible changes brought to the SMB market by the Cloud Computing Era, freeing them from a linear hardware, software, applications and integration path to one of direct access to affordable, modern technology that can immediately be put to effect. We use the familiar model of Client, Server and Network computing to predict how each of these might change over the next five to ten years. By trying to stay within upper and lower limits, we will look to be generally accurate on direction rather than precisely wrong on details. Generally, we see a divide between individual and collaborative technologies, mostly driven by the fact that client devices follows the user, with the SMB collaborative prediction being most impacted by remote management, software based networks and optimization. 

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