Latin America SMB & Midmarket SaaS Adoption Trends

Latin America SMB & Midmarket SaaS Adoption Trends

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Executive summary: Technology investment risks driving SMBs and midmarket firms to Cloud/SaaS
Executive summary: SMB SaaS spans organization and task-level issues
Executive Summary: SaaS Segments

Business issues contributing to SaaS adoption
IT challenges contributing to SaaS adoption
Current adoption of SaaS
SMB SaaS adoption segments
Small & midmarket firms: Current & planned adoption of no. of SaaS categories
Challenges in accelerating SaaS adoption
SaaS adoption by Cloud maturity
SaaS solution adoption by IT maturity
Small & Midmarket Business Current & Planned Use of SaaS Applications
Current & planned use of SaaS applications by no. of SaaS categories segments
Small business CRM users: Current & Planned SaaS adoption
Midmarket CRM users: Current & Planned SaaS adoption
Small business ERP users: current & planned SaaS adoption
Midmarket ERP users: current & planned SaaS adoption
Small & midmarket firms: planned adoption of CRM and adjacent SaaS solutions
Small & midmarket firms: planned adoption of ERP and adjacent SaaS solutions
SMB SaaS adoption by task focus
SaaS adoption by task focus: Small & Midmarket business


Primary research was conducted among senior IT and business decision makers within the US focused SMBs and Midmarket firms from Techaisle network of 1.5M B2B IT professionals spread across 30+ countries

  • A 20 minute questionnaire was administered to each respondent
  • Respondents were IT and Business decision makers
  • Sampling quota was fixed by employee size categories: 1-9, 10-19, 20-49, 50-99, 100-249, 500-999
  • In addition, respondent organizations were specifically screened for: 1/ currently using cloud CRM, 2/ currently using cloud ERP, 3/ not using but planning to use cloud CRM, 4/ not using but planning to use cloud ERP
  • Small business is defined as 1-99 employees and Midmarket is defined as 100-999 employees


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