WW Very Small Business Cloud Adoption Trends

WW Very Small Business Cloud Adoption Trends

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The primary objective of the report is to provide a deep dive of cloud adoption behaviors and associated buying journey within very small businesses,defined as 1-19 employee size segment (excluding home-based businesses) at a worldwide level. In particular, the coverage includes:

Cloud Adoption

  • Current and Planned use of Cloud
  • Type of cloud deployment – current & planned
  • Cloud applications – current & planned
  • Type of cloud workloads
  • Factors driving cloud adoption
  • Cloud adoption challenges
  • Source of purchase of cloud solutions
  • Key decision factors
  • Influencing the cloud buyer - sources of information
  • Role, Benefits & Challenges of Cloud

Cloud Benefits

  • Benefits of using cloud
  • Business issues being addressed with Cloud
  • Challenges faced in cloud implementation

Cloud Buyer

  • Cloud buyers journey – buyer ‘care-abouts
  • Sources of information and influence
  • Role of buyer stakeholders in cloud buying process
  • Key Decision Factors
  • Buyer Persona


  • Worldwide
  • US
  • Europe
  • Asia/Pacific
  • Latin America

Price: US$18,000

Report is delivered in PowerPoint format

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