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Collaboration is now a central component to virtually all SMB business activities. As the lines of demarcation between tasks have been eroded by the increased pace and changing nature of business activities, SMBs have moved past the time when they linked discrete actions through linear, sequential processes.

In today’s business environment, SMBs interact at all points in the business cycle: in cross-functional planning and management, within a single co-created document or spreadsheet, in the stages and connection points defined by their business processes. Collaboration has traditionally been seen as a large business solution, but broad market trends, including the enormous reliance on mobility, the trend of including customers within the framework of collaboration solutions have contributed to a much broader demand for collaboration solutions. It spans files and people, staff and customers; it includes file exchange and multi-point editing; it extends beyond the corporate staff to include customers; it has broken through the corporate walls, and demands support for mobility.  

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