US SMB & Midmarket Security Adoption Trends

US SMB & Midmarket Security Adoption Trends

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IT security remains as one of the top IT priorities for SMBs and midmarket businesses. However, IT security has progressed beyond end-point security into an end-to-end security across the entire path of data flow originating from where the data rests. Techaisle conducted a first of its kind survey with SMBs and midmarket firms to understand many different issues, adoption trends, approaches to security. Brief coverage is given below. for more detailed coverage please download and review the Table of Contents.

  • Executive Summary
  • Security Solutions Adoption Trends
    • Current & planned adoption of security
    • Current & planned management of Security - inhouse, oursourced, security as a service
    • Top of mind Security solution vendor recall
    • SMB approach and attitude towards IT Security in cloud
    • SMB approach and attitude towards IT Security in mobility
    • SMB approach and attitude towards IT Security in IoT
    • Current & Planned use of security solutions (17 different categories)

  • Securing data in the Cloud
    • SMBs biggest security threats to use of cloud applications
    • SMBs perception of most effective security technologies to protect data in the cloud
    • Current & planned deployment of cloud security
    • Current & planned use of Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS)
    • Types of cloud security solutions being used, planned to be used
    • Benefits of using Security as a Service
    • Important features of cloud security solutions

  • Use of Mobility Security & Security Breaches experienced
    • Mobility Security as a concern & preparedness
    • Adoption of mobile device security and content security solutions
    • Mobility Security breaches experienced
    • Perception of security on breaches, budgets, cyberinsurance, information sharing

  • Mobile App store adoption
    • Current & Planned deployment of mobile app store
    • Current & planned deployment of BYOD policies
    • Reasons for deploying a mobile app store
    • Deployment method of App store
    • Preferred App Store platform capabilities
  • Influencing the security solutions buyers and understanding the buyers journey
    • Sources of information for security solutions across the purchase process decision funnel
    • Channels of information for security solutions across the purchase process decision funnel
    • Role of buyer stakeholders in security solution buying process
    • Key decision factors for influencing the security solution buyers
    • Security buyer persona by title
  • IT vs. LoB: Drivers of Cloud and Mobility Security
    • IT vs LoB involvement in Security for Cloud & Mobility
    • Primary Responsibility for Mobility security policies within the organization
    • Cloud security policy determination and enforcement prerogatives
  • SMB Business Issues, IT Challenges, IT Priorities, Role of technology
  • Position of Security as an IT Priority
  • IT Budgets and Importance of Financing

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For the US market, a total of 1255 SMBs & midmarket firms responded to the survey. In most organizations there were multiple respondents including IT decision maker and business decision maker with major responsibility for influencing solution selection, purchase & deployment of security solitions within their organizations. 

Sampling quota was fixed by employee size categories: 1-9, 10-19, 20-49, 50-99, 100-249, 250-499 & 500-999 and all analysis is conducted by employee size categories as well as small business and midmarket business.

Report is delivered in PowerPoint format and includes inquiries. The pricing is dependent upon country or region. The pricing for the US report is US$7,500. Each regional report (Asia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America) is priced at US$15,000. Reports can be purchased individually or as part of annual subscription services. Report purchases can be made via credit card or purchase order or check payments.

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