Digital Transformation & the Future of Reseller Channel

Digital Transformation & the Future of Reseller Channel

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The IT industry is abuzz with discussion of digital transformation. Unlike smartphones and cloud, however, digital transformation may actually provide upside for traditional channel partners. In this document, Techaisle argues in favor of the proposition that digital transformation will deliver new opportunity for traditional VAR businesses.┬áThis white paper begins with a debate-style proposition: that digital transformation will benefit the reseller channel. Techaisle believes that the proposition is correct. The combination of product transactions, ongoing management services revenue and tangible contribution to customer business success makes digital transformation a compelling opportunity for channel businesses. Those that are able to develop the required skills and processes will have an opportunity to reverse the channel’s declines in impact and business value, and establish their firms as viable long-term partners worthy of commitment from customers, suppliers and strategic investors.

The white paper covers:

  • Setting the stage - Digital Transformation will benefit reseller channel
  • First things first - what does Digital Transformation mean?
  • Why is defining Digital Transformation important for the channel?
  • The "twin ladder" approach to delivering Digital Transformation
  • From augmentation to modification: the Interwork platform
  • How the Interwork platform helps the channel to position Digital Transformation initiatives
  • Reinvention and transformation: scaling the tops of the twin ladders
  • Delivering "laddered" - or esclating - service
  • Key competencies for the Digital Transformation era
  • Concluing the debate

Charts and figures included:

  • What is digital transformation
  • The twin ladder view of digital transformation
  • Key digital transformation building blocks by IT approach
  • Digital Transformation segments
  • the Interwork Platform and its ability to drive trageted outcomes
  • Navigating through and across the Digital Transformation stages

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