2021 US SMB and Midmarket PC Purchase and Hybrid work trends survey

2021 US SMB and Midmarket PC Purchase and Hybrid work trends survey

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PC purchase trends
Plans to purchase PCs - 75% of SMBs and 100% of upper midmarket firms plan to purchase PCs in 2021
Reasons to purchase PCs - Security, manageability and performance to support hybrid workforce and reduce IT support
PC forecast for 2021 - 13.8 million PCs are likely to purchased by mainstream businesses (1-4999 employees)
Preferred OS - 58% of PCs purchased within SMBs and 63% within upper midmarket firms will be Windows
Preference for Chromebooks and MacOS- Higher percent of high growth and innovative SMBs are using Chromebooks
PCaaS trend - Promise of PC-as-a-Service has reached a pause
Reasons to adopt PCaaS - Top three reasons for its adoption have remain unchanged for the last three years
Preference for PCaaS managed services bundling - managed IT services and cloud applications within PCaaS contracts
Cloud PC - awareness is low within the SMB segment, not so low in the upper midmarket
Attractive PC features - Battery life, processor-level security, storage capacity and screen size
Preference for security features - Biometric security and hardware-level security are important
Awareness and use of Auto Pilot and InTune

Hybrid work trends
Employee productivity is important, prefer PCs that have less downtime, efficient cross-app logins and enable work-life balance
Top PC manageability considerations
Top PC performance capabilities
Preference to work from home vs. in-office - 57% - 61% of employees are expected to work from home; long-term not so much
Challenges in work from home - Work from home has been challenging
Responding to hybrid workforce - Mainstream businesses are responding to Hybrid workforce
Hybrid work challenge - Remote IT support is the biggest hybrid work challenge
Preparing for return to office - Mainstream businesses are responding to hybrid work environments and preparing for return to office
Hybrid work enablement challenges


A total of 2096 SMBs/midmarket firms completed the survey
Respondents were IT and Business decision makers
Sampling quota was fixed by employee size categories: 1-9, 10-19, 20-49, 50-99, 100-249, 250-499, 500-999, 1000-2499 and 2500-4999
Small business is defined as 1-99 employees, Midmarket as 100-999 employees and Upper midmarket as 1000-4999 employees
Mainstream businesses = 1-4999 employee size


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