Cloud & Mobility Driving Business Intelligence Adoption

Cloud & Mobility Driving Business Intelligence Adoption

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  • The New SMB Imperative
  • Value Shift
  • Enablement v/s Empowerment
  • Empowerment Technologies
  • Implications for Channel Partners
  • Conclusion 
  • Figure 1: SMBs' Cloud-based BI Interest
  • Figure 2: SMBs and Mobility Solutions
  • Figure 3: Top Areas for BI Solutions
  • Figure 4: Top 5 “Must Have” Features

SMBs are focused heavily on identifying profitable customers, which improves the ROI on marketing dollars spent. While a number of SMBs have already deployed formal CRM solutions and many others have internally developed CRM processes, the next phase will focus on making sense of the data captured, linking it to business objectives and monitoring business performance. Large businesses have over the last decade spent billions in improving data analytics capabilities, however, typical BI solutions have been out of reach for the majority of SMBs due to cost and deployment complexity. We believe that going forward SMBs will drive the BI space even as the market at the high end consolidates. This is because SMBs are thirsty for the right information, in the right context, in the right format and at the right time. 

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