Empower Me! Coming Change in SMB Priorities

Empower Me! Coming Change in SMB Priorities

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  • The New SMB Imperative
  • Value Shift
  • Enablement v/s Empowerment
  • Empowerment Technologies
  • Implications for Channel Partners
  • Conclusion 

The New SMB Imperative
Tough economic times bring investment decisions into sharp focus. The result is typically lower investment levels. It also sharpens medium and longer term priorities. That leads to smart investments.

Value Shift
SMBs are now looking beyond infrastructure investments as their respective countries slowly emerge from the global downturn

Enablement v/s Empowerment
SMBs are being driven towards empowerment technologies that are outside of normal technology adoption curve

Empowerment Technologies
SMBs in emerging market countries show greater intentions of investing in these new priorities than SMBs in mature markets

Implications for Channel Partners
Shift to newer priorities is and will impact channels the most in next five years

New priorities bring to light new opportunities for vendors and channel partners to positively impact the success of SMBs on a global basis.

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