Future of Work - Interwork: the next step in connected businesses

Future of Work - Interwork: the next step in connected businesses

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As we enter 2018, it seems that online capabilities and activities are entering a new era. There are still advances to be made in the ‘net’ realm: there is constant pressure to expand the speed of the Internet, enabling it to handle the voracious demands of unstructured content like video, and the rise of IoT portends a coming tsunami of data from billions of connected devices. However, the key focus of web-based business investment is now less about the ‘net’ and more about the ‘work’: the ways that an increasingly-connected world supports pursuit of previously-unattainable objectives. The most important IT-related development in 2018 will be this focus on connectedness – connected cloud, edge, applications, security, collaboration, workspaces and insights.

Internet and the web are the navigation routes that we have been developing since the 1970s; the always-on, everywhere-connected Interwork platform is the destination that we will be creating in 2018 and for years to come.

The “Interwork platform” refers to Techaisle’s belief that 2018 will mark a transition point at which corporate focus on developing and deploying systems that offer the capacity to connect diverse resources (the Internet platform) will be surpassed by a focus on capitalizing on the benefits of connected information, assets and users and teams – the ‘Interwork platform’.

The white paper covers:

  • Interwork: the next step in connected businesses
  • From connections to control
  • Key considerations in deploying connected business technologies to create an Interwork platform
    1. Connected Cloud(s)
    2. Connected Edge
    3. Connected applications
    4. Connected security
    5. Connected collaboration
    6. Connected workspace
    7. Connected insights
  • The Interwork platform: a practical, business-relevant path to digital transformation

Figures and charts in the white paper:

  • Figure 1. Seven points of connection create the Interwork platform
  • Figure 2. Potential links between connected platforms increase geometrically
  • Figure 3. Top 14 - Full orchestration of key hybrid infrastructure tasks, small and midmarket businesses
  • Figure 4. Key differences between traditional suites and cloud-based applications
  • Figure 5. The benefits of connected applications
  • Figure 6. Cyber kill chain: attack stages and responses
  • Figure 7. Collaborative interactions and meeting (frequency per month)
  • Figure 8. Connected workspace adoption
  • Figure 9. Connected insights: business outcomes arising from the Interwork platform
  • Figure 10. Four pillars of digital transformation

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