2015 SMB Channel Partner Business Issues Infographic

2015 SMB Channel Partner Business Issues Infographic

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Infographic presents the top 10 business issues being addressed by SMB channel partners in 2015 and part of 2016. There are many ways that SMB channel partners can attack these issues; in some areas, cloud is part of the problem, while in others, it helps form some of the solution. The “problem” items are readily apparent near the top of this list. For example, cloud creates a requirement for new products and processes, which opens opportunity for firms that are effective in rolling out new offerings, but this results from a requirement to move beyond “tried and true” practices that have worked (in some cases, for many years) in the sale and support of systems based on physical infrastructure. Similarly, cloud may ultimately be less expensive to deploy and support than on-premise technology, but that isn’t where the journey starts today: channels firms adding cloud to an existing business need to find ways to fund the ramp-up of new activities while maintaining momentum in current business lines, which strains the channel’s financial resources. And cloud is itself a major source of channel business uncertainty.

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