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Insightful research, flexible data, and deep analysis by a global SMB IT Market Research and Industry Analyst organization dedicated to tracking the Future of SMBs and Channels.

Techaisle survey shows SMB security spending on a strong upward trajectory

In 360 on US SMB & Midmarket Security solutions adoption trends report, Techaisle analyzes survey responses from over 1,100 US SMBs to provide the insight needed to build and execute on IT security marketing strategies for the small and midmarket customer segments. Survey shows that overall, spending on security products by small businesses as flat but spending by midmarket firms is on a strong upward trajectory. Most SMBs rely on core security practices and technologies to address cloud-specific threats, but many are underinvested in cloud security solutions. Data encryption and security for virtual environments are particularly primed for growth. Mobile device security, gateway messaging/web security, and (as noted above) virtualization security as high-growth opportunities for security-as-a-service providers.

Techaisle’s research investigated 17 different types of IT security solutions. Techaisle positions these as belonging to one of four categories-

  1. Protection of data entering the corporate environment
  2. Protection of data that is being used within the corporate environment
  3. Protection of the mobile environment
  4. Traffic inspection and management

Highlights of findings from the survey include:

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Helping clients achieve success in the SMB market segment

For the last decade Techaisle has been providing a unique and an unparalleled perspective on SMBs & Channel partners – deeply-rooted in data and industry knowledge, thereby enabling IT suppliers shape their market strategy.

Techaisle is the only SMB & Channel partner focused research organization that is helping clients in:

  • connecting-the-dots across technology areas and their relevance to end-customers
  • identifying SMB routes-to-market
  • understanding infrastructure solution trends in the face of growing cloud adoption
  • showcasing IT suppliers’ thought leadership and promoting through email marketing
  • establishing insights into competitive positioning

Each of the below – from Connecting the Dots to Competitive Positioning – has been a point of engagement with Techaisle - through Annual Subscription servicesAdvisory Services or Custom Primary Research.

techaisle helping clients success smb market resized email

Techaisle has not only been a leader in providing thought leadership but has also been a leader in identifying trends much ahead of others who really become fast-followers.

techaisle smb thought leader trend identification resized email

Clients leverage a respondent network of over 900,000 ITDMs and BDMs and 250,000 channel partners in over 20 countries for their custom primary research and marketing outreach requirements.

techaisle smb respondent coverage database resized email

Through Techaisle’s industry leading research, the annual subscription services have been fulfilling need for clear insight into evolving solution areas needed by both established and emerging suppliers. Clients are able to access market research reports, newsletters, perspectives and white papers for use within the entire organization.

To learn more about Techaisle please visit:
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US SMB and Midmarket Hybrid Cloud penetration likely to jump by over 100 percent

Techaisle SMB & midmarket cloud adoption survey shows that if US businesses follow-through with their plans for adopting hybrid cloud or for that matter, different types of cloud, then hybrid cloud penetration will have the highest jump within the SMBs, by over 100 percent while the Enterprise segment is likely to see a huge jump in public cloud adoption.

techaisle hybrid penetration resized

However, it is not a “gimme”. While it can be said that a hybrid model for IT service delivery is the reality for most organizations, it can also be said that smaller business may find reliance on public cloud services a simpler option. This is because hybrid IT, or hybrid cloud environments, are also the most complex to manage: while legacy systems, processes and thinking may inhibit cloud adoption, different business segments that are increasingly involved in procurement decisions may opt for siloed cloud application delivery without regard for the organization’s broader technical or overall process goals. And use of hybrid cloud will continue to increase as both a conscious strategy and as a reaction to use of both public and private resources within a single infrastructure.

A surprising outcome from the above chart is the decision trend of enterprise customers to embrace public cloud as the enterprise segment is finally finding that public cloud offers various benefits such as IT cost reduction, increased agility in business operations, increased scalability and flexibility. Public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud approaches each offer unique business benefits to the adopting organization. While public services can deliver rapid scale for temporary workloads or support smaller businesses that find appeal in OPEX procurement models, private cloud can deliver scale at better cost in some circumstances, while hybrid cloud offers better, faster access to formerly siloed sources of information.

Another view of the data collected in the surveys provides fascinating insight into the extent that cloud users are willing to align different delivery methods with internal requirements. When responses are taken from the small, mid-market and enterprise respondents and graphed in terms of cloud delivery method usage, Techaisle finds that there are pockets of demand (and overlap in these pockets) that exist for public, private and hybrid models in each market segment.

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Techaisle data shows suppliers incorrectly addressing the SMB Cloud market

Cloud is clearly established within the US SMB market, in a way that is unique in the global context: nowhere else have the vast majority of SMBs leapt into the cloud. Cloud is also gaining acceptance in Asia/Pacific, Europe & even in Middle-East, regions where Cloud is being seen by SMBs as solving real-world business problems. But most suppliers are peddling their technology assets, focusing on non-viable channel relationships & showcasing wrong-sized solutions for workloads that have very short acquisition & deployment time window.

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