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The Techaisle Team

Techaisle is a global SMB IT Market Research and Industry Analyst organization. Techaisle was founded on the premise that Go-to-Market strategies require insightful research, flexible data, and deeper analysis. Understanding the value of data consistency across markets to inform strategic planning, Techaisle has remained holistic in its approach to Insights and provides globally consistent SMB and Channels analysis across geographies.

To achieve its objectives, Techaisle conducts surveys with SMBs and channels to understand market trends, opportunities, buying behavior, purchase intent, and IT priorities. In addition to covering emerging technologies such as SMB cloud computing, managed services, mobility, social media usage, virtualization, business intelligence, big data, collaboration, networking its channel research coverage provides in-depth understanding of resellers and channel partners globally. Techaisle's insights are built on a strong data-driven foundation and its analysts are conversant with both primary research and industry knowledge, which is a rare combination. 

Techaisle is consciously focused on bringing to its clients data they can rely on and analysis they can act upon. Besides its quality of data and analysis other key differentiators are Techaisle's flexible data delivery and fanatical responsiveness.

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Techaisle | Anurag Agrawal

Anurag Agrawal

Heading Techaisle, Anurag Agrawal is a veteran Market Research executive with over 25 years of proven track record in market research and data analytics.  Anurag is responsible for providing strategic direction for Techaisle. As an Industry analyst he focuses on the SMB market (frequently referred to as SMB Guru) and Channel segment. He frequently writes and advises IT Vendors on cloud computing, routes-to-market, emerging technologies, mobility, big data, virtualization, Industry and Channel Dynamics.

Prior to Techaisle, Anurag was the Chief Operating Officer at AMI-Partners. Anurag has also worked with Knowledge Networks as Senior Vice President, Operations responsible for consumer panel, data analytics and survey software development.  Previously Anurag headed Gartner's Worldwide Research Operations. As a Vice President, he managed data collection and analysis for hardware, software, services groups, as well as launched and implemented Gartners' quarterly tracker products and IT Market Databook. He began his market research career with IDC, where he was responsible for launching IDC's quarterly tracker research.

SMB Data You Can Rely On | Analysis You Can Act Upon

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