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Techaisle Difference

Techaisle is a data-driven global SMB IT Market Research and Industry Analyst organization. Techaisle was founded on the premise that Go-to-Market strategies require insightful research, flexible data, and deeper analysis. Understanding the value of data consistency across markets to inform strategic planning, Techaisle has remained holistic in its approach to Insights and provides globally consistent SMB and Channels analysis across geographies. Techaisle’s believes that data is inherently more valuable when it can be summarized and delivered as the answer to a specific question.

Techaisle is the only SMB focused research organization that covers the entire spectrum of technology areas including providing a deep understanding of buyer’s persona, their IT adoption journey, points of influence, business issues driving adoption.

Techaisle is the only SMB & Channel partner focused organization that helps IT suppliers connect-the-dots across technology areas and their relevance to end-customers, helps in identifying and even promoting routes to market, helps in understanding the relevancy of infrastructure solutions in the face growing cloud adoption, helps in showcasing IT suppliers’ thought leadership and provide insights into competitive position.

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To achieve its objectives, Techaisle conducts surveys with SMBs and channels to understand market trends, opportunities, buying behavior, purchase intent, and IT priorities. In addition to covering emerging technologies such as SMB cloud computing, managed services, mobility, social media usage, virtualization, business intelligence, big data, collaboration, networking its channel research coverage provides in-depth understanding of resellers and channel partners globally. Techaisle's insights are built on a strong data-driven foundation and its analysts are conversant with both primary research and industry knowledge, which is a rare combination.

Techaisle has not only been a leader in providing Thought Leadership but is also a leader in identifying trends much ahead of others who really become fast-followers.

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Techaisle | Anurag Agrawal

Anurag Agrawal

Heading Techaisle, Anurag Agrawal is a veteran Market Research executive with over 25 years of proven track record in market research and data analytics. Anurag is responsible for providing strategic direction for Techaisle. As an Industry analyst frequently referred to as SMB Guru, he focuses on the SMB market and Channel segment. He writes and advises IT Vendors on cloud computing, routes-to-market, emerging technologies, mobility, big data, virtualization, industry and channel dynamics.

Prior to Techaisle, Anurag was the Chief Operating Officer at AMI-Partners. He has also worked with Knowledge Networks as Senior Vice President, Operations, responsible for consumer panel, data analytics and survey software development. Previously Anurag headed Gartner's Worldwide Research Operations. As a Vice President, he managed data collection and analysis for hardware, software, services groups, as well as launched and implemented Gartners' quarterly tracker products and IT Market Databook. He began his market research career with IDC, where he was responsible for launching IDC's quarterly tracker research.

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Arun Misra, Managing Director

Arun Mishra heads up Techaisle's India operations and is responsible for India field operations. Over the last seventeen years he has conducted numerous surveys with consumers, businesses and channels. Arun also has a long association with SPIC-MACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth). He is usually the go-to-person for small businesses to call to understand changing market trends.

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Gitika Bajaj, Senior Consultant

Gitika Bajaj focuses on Channels research for the India and Asia/Pacific markets. She regularly conducts quantitative and qualitative research simultaneously across 40 cities. She travels widely to conduct studies and to meet with CIOs and channel partners. With nearly 1000 channel partners on speed-dial on her mobile phone, she has been instrumental in bridging information gaps faced by channel community in India.

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Dr. Cooram Ramacharlu Sridhar, Director, Data Sciences

Dr. Cooram Ramacharlu Sridhar has spent 35 years in market research and data modeling. He has an MSc and Ph.D. in Statistics and Operations Research from IIT, Bombay. For most of his working life, Doc has developed and refined predictive analytics models that provide unique solutions for brand response to marketing inputs. At Techaisle, Doc sets the vision and leads Techaisle's segmentation and predictive modeling practice. Doc is an elected Fellow of The Royal Statistical Society, UK.

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Michael O'Neil, Principal Analyst

Michael O'Neil is recognized as an expert in cloud computing, IT channel and alliance management strategies. O’Neil started his career with IDC, where he was both Managing Director of the Canadian subsidiary and executive responsible for the launch and growth of the company’s global Software Partnering and Alliances research program. He has developed and delivered channel strategy workshops in Asia, Europe, and North America, continuing to provide channel management guidance and working with firms interested in building channels for cloud offerings.

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The Techaisle Difference

What makes Techaisle different from other market research companies?

Traditional market research companies are great at providing historical perspective and research that may be impractical and transient. Techaisle’s senior management team members have spent an average of twenty five years with major research companies. They have experienced the deficiencies in methodologies and reporting of these companies. Therefore Techaisle consciously is focused on bringing actionable analysisdeeper segmentationflexible data delivery, and fanatical responsiveness.

What are some of the ways that makes Techaisle's research more actionable?

Great research begins with a precise questionnaire. We pride ourselves in designing questionnaires that capture the why, the how, the when, the who and the what of IT priorities and investment. In addition, our segmentation and predictive modeling teams develop insights that are clearly understood and easily deployable by sales, marketing, product management and market research groups.

What are the benefits of using actionable analysis and deeper segmentation?

With actionable analysis and deeper segmentation you gain a better understanding of market opportunity and demand. This is especially true as opportunities move increasingly to Emerging Markets, Emerging Technologies and SMBs. At the same time consumers are transforming and channels are evolving. Our longitudinal surveys cover businesses and channel partners across multiple countries.

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