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Buyers Journey

Change is a constant in the IT industry. Despite the constant evolution of technology itself, it can be argued that the biggest change in the IT landscape is not a technology or set of technologies but the evolution of the buyer’s journey. It is more pronounced within the SMB than any other segment.

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Cloud Computing

In many SMBs, cloud may have first been introduced as a means of reducing CAPEX and/or overall IT costs, but today, it is viewed by SMBs as a means of increasing business agility and of introducing capabilities that would have been cost or time-prohibitive to deploy on traditional technology.

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As endpoints become more capable, SMB buyers – especially the emerging class of business decision makers (BDMs) who wield increasing power in IT decisions – are moving past the device itself, to a need for mobility solutions (such as mobility) that capitalize on the capabilities of the new units.

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The allure of VDI, DaaS and Server virtualization is clear – but the technology itself and the path to realizing its benefits can still seem somewhat mysterious to many small and mid-market businesses. In many cases, SMBs now combine mobile and fixed devices.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has become more important now than ever to SMBs for improving sales, reducing cost of customer acquisition and retaining existing customers. The core functions of lead generation, opportunity conversion and life-cycle customer relationship management remain at the center of marketing objectives and are the focus of automation.

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IoT (Internet of Things)

As IoT outputs do deliver visible and tangible benefits, the momentum for IoT is building within SMBs. SMBs are beginning to use IoT for supply chain visibility, asset tracking, cost efficiencies and in general facilitating collaboration with employees, partners, suppliers, and customers.

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Big Data/Analytics

Business Intelligence by itself has provided enough business insights, however, SMBs are now looking for extracting business perspectives to drive superior decisions and ultimately achieve superior results.

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Collaboration is, and is increasingly, a central component to virtually all business activities. As the lines of demarcation between tasks have been eroded by the increased pace and changing nature of business activities, SMBs have moved past the time when they linked discrete actions through linear, sequential processes.

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Managed Services

A key current challenge for SMBs is that paying for and maintaining leading-edge Information Technology has become too expensive and complex for the average company to manage on its’ own. The old model of IT asset ownership and large supporting organizations is broken and is being replaced with a pay-as-you-go alternative called Managed Services.

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Effective security practices go beyond merely “raising the shields” around users, data and networks – they enable innovation throughout the IT/business infrastructure. SMBs are not only increasingly dependent on IT – they are dependent on increasingly-interconnected systems, which are in turn open to an ever-expanding population of devices and access points.

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Today, the Decision Making Unit (DMU) within SMBs is much bigger, much more diverse, much more difficult to inform, and can be much slower to take action. Business decision makers (BDMs) are an intrinsic force within DMUs in most SMBs, and are the primary decision makers in some high-growth areas.

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Channel Partners

SMB Channel partner (VARs, SIs, SPs, MSPs, IT Consultants) data indicates that IT companies require multiple types of channels to successfully reach all potential SMB buyers. In some ways, the complexity of managing a consistent set of programs and practices across a heterogeneous channel is mitigated by the fact that different types of partners tend to focus on different types of products and solutions.

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SMB Data You Can Rely On | Analysis You Can Act Upon

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