Techaisle’s recently completely study 2015 US SMB Mobility Solutions Adoption Trends shows that mobility adoption within US SMB is reaching 86 percent by end of 2015. However, mobility adoption is not about mobile devices anymore, rather it has transitioned to mobility applications and over to mobility solutions (solutions that provide management, security and infrastructure needed to connect mobile devices and applications into the corporate IT environment).

Unfortunately for SMBs, each of the above three essential areas of investment has different suppliers. Data from the survey shows that SMB buyers are therefore confused about where to turn for help, especially with respect to mobility solutions needed to integrate and manage their burgeoning mobility portfolios that includes both company and employee mobility activity.

Mobility addresses a clear need within US SMBs and these firms in turn are responding with growing investments, especially in applications and solutions. The real question is who will capture this business. At present, no one vendor of devices, applications or solutions – or even any one category of vendor is ideally positioned to meet SMB mobility solution needs.

The number of applications that run on mobile devices is increasing dramatically – beyond the capabilities of the IT staff responsible for deploying, integrating and securing these applications and the corporate data that they access. Techaisle’s 2015 US SMB Mobility Solutions Adoption Trends survey shows that SMBs are increasing the virtual dimensions of their employees’ technology-defined workspaces by expanding the number of applications that they make available to employees and by investing in solutions that enable best corporate use of these application resources.

No doubt there is an enormous US SMB mobility opportunity but IT companies looking to expand presence in the SMB mobility market will need to build strategies to address four key SMB issues:

Suppliers with a clear vision spanning device integration and support, application expansion and management, and effective and flexible security will find a large and eager SMB audience.