Techaisle's recently completed survey of SMBs and Mid-market companies reveals the following Top 10 IT Priorities, IT Challenges and Business Issues that the IT and Business Decision makers are facing in 2015. For the first time in many years the top SMB business issue is Increasing Profitability. This is followed by Increasing Business Growth and Reducing Operating Costs.

For the midmarket businesses Reducing Operating Costs is the top business issue for 2015 followed by Increasing Profitability and Increasing Business Growth. Also appearing for the for the first time in 2015, Managing Uncertainty is among the top ten business issues for both small and midmarket businesses.

As Techaisle has been saying since 2009, it is now apparent than ever that Data/Application Integration is non-optional in the era of cloud and mobility.

Business Analytics/Intelligence is still among the top 10 priorities but has slipped a couple of ranks. This is because SMBs and Midmarket businesses are increasingly looking at business intelligence/analytics as an integrated component of their cloud solutions and not as an independent discreet solution as opposed to big data analytics. 

2015 Top 10 SMB Business Issues, IT Challenges, IT Priorities

2015 top10 smb it priorities business issues techaisle infographics 

2015 Top 10 Mid-Market Business Issues, IT Priorities, IT Challenges

2015 top10 mid market it priorities business issues techaisle infographics